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0044 paris—Harder Streetwear, Softer Looks

If you like streetwear, you will love the 2016 autumn/winter collection of 0044 paris, which, directed by Seiichiro Shimamura, is 100% made in France.

This collection employs fabrics that are harder than usual, such as waxed denim sarouel pants (similar to the drop crotch) and leather sleeved blousons—short jackets with a waist belt.

Then, there is the redingote styled jackets, which will cause you to reminisce of the age-old dandy.

Used for travel on horseback, the first redingote dates back to 18th-century England where they were called “riding coats.”

The redingote could be a loose greatcoat with wide collars or a tight fitting frock as with the light cavalry known as Hussars.

Either way, talent reigns when labels like 0044 paris take us from the streets of modernity to the Victorian/Edwardian roads of London, from the ballrooms of Paris to the battlefields of the Crimean War!

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