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Bon Bon Bodywear Rings Sweet

Many of you tell me that you love the postings on swimwear and underwear! I know! I know! The eye candy!
Well, if you enjoy candy you are going to love Bon Bon Bodywear—the brand new label of sweet eye-catching underwear.
Bon Bon Bodywear was founded last year by Vladimir Markovich—one of the original partners of British Columbia Fashion Week—who designs each collection, which is inspired by international art, technology, and design.
Bon Bon Bodywear seeks to foster confidence and self-expression for every man to live liberally. The vibrant color palettes express a spectrum of emotions and assorted states of mind.
Bon Bon Upgrade Gold (photo top) is an amazing look for the gym or office—well, I guess it really depends what you do at the office!

Photo & slideshow Copyright Bon Bon Bodywear.

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