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Freeman T. Porter “Miami, Florida”

D-Day— June 6, 1944—175,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of the Normandy Coast in an all-out effort to liberate Europe from Nazi control.

To Freeman T. Porter, life is such a battlefield wherein solders respect the equipment that saves their life: “Clothes and their materials are regarded as precious allies.”
Freeman T. Porter was founded 1993 in Munich as a tribute to American soldiers by Rainer Geilfus, who studied Psychology in the US.
Recently the brand has begun to sail under the French flag, reinterpreting its army roots into contemporary urban fashion.
Freeman T. Porter’s aim is to dress modern men for new battles each day, whether they are ideological, sociological, or merely a daily fight for existence.
So, make Freeman T. Porter your greatest ally!

Photo & slideshow s/s 2016 collection Copyright Freeman T. Porter.

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