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The Best Kind of Laundry—English Laundry!

Ah—laundry, laundry, laundry! If you are like me, you probably are not thrilled at the mention of laundry—well, unless it’s English Laundry!

I’m not sure about your laundry—whether it’s strewn across the floor or under the bed—mine’s piled up in a plastic basket in the back room. But as for English Laundry, the label is firmly rooted in the music of the 60’s and 70’s.

English Laundry was founded by Christopher Wicks, a child of the 1960’s who was born in Manchester, England. Already as a young child, Christopher was sketching designs of shirts and shoes.

Leaning heavily towards military designs, the autumn/winter 2016 collection at English Laundry is a convergence of functionality and style. The fabrics of the collection echo the patterns of the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies.

English Laundry recently signed an agreement with Live Nation, which represents Yoko Ono’s BAG ONE. The John Lennon Collection by English Laundry will be showcased in the US and Europe.

Photo & slideshow 2016 a/w collection Copyright English Laundry.

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