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“Aseptic Chic” by DSQUARED²

Milan, June 10th 2016. The F/W 2016 DSQUARED2 advertising campaign is once again brought to life by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot’s impeccable shots.

Nudity observes and discloses the natural essence of fashion: the human body is the aseptic inspiration for the Caten twins.

The atmosphere is cold inside the modern anatomy lab, recalling a series of clinical experiments.

The models are imprisoned inside crystal cabins, similar to cooling cells that preserve and emphasize the importance of each look.

The aggressive and inexpressive woman is coloured almost monochromaticlaly, balanced by an alternating palette of black and white; opposition, however, is represented by slips, latex gloves and shocking red lips.

Ultra skinny leather dresses clothe the DSQUARED2 woman, as she is wearing shoes and high “spinal” heels. Cotton hockey shirts and dark jeans are worn by the DSQUARED2 man, though he sometimes experiments bare-chested.

He is strong and severe, but is still imprisoned: a concept that synergizes the F/W 2016 DSQUARED2 theme, and is one that hints at Damien Hirst’s art style.

DSQUARED2 eyewear also strictly follows Dean & Dan Caten’s concept, showing big, severe, rigid and geometric shapes.

Metal details and stylized squaring serve to emphasize their intensity.

Photo: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot
Art Direction: Giovanni Bianco
Styling: Camilla Nickerson
Hair: Garren Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury
Photo & text Copyright DSQUARED2.

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