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“Wild Space” in the Ukraine by Olesya Telizhenko

Olesya Telizhenko was born 1984 into an artistic family in Cherkasy, Ukraine.

A graduate of the National Academy of Arts, Olesya since become known as an “ethno-modern designer,” which is evidenced by her most recent collection that she presented at Lviv Fashion Week (20-23 May).
“Wild Space” is a collection that boldly mixes natural materials and textures—all decorated with hand-stitched embroidery.
Each garment rides us across the sun-scorched grass of the Cossack Steppe, from the grey morning fog to the starry black nights.
Chocolate, grey, blue, and black undergird the color palette. This 2016 autumn/winter collection draws particular attention to the Ukrainian male.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Olesya Telizhenko

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