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Men's Fashion Week Bulgaria

Recently held January 28-February 3, 2016, Men’s Fashion Week Bulgaria was founded by the National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria and the Municipality of Plovdiv—the second largest city of Bulgaria and one of the most ancient cities in Europe.

Probably one of my most favorite cities, Plovdiv lays claim to a 6,000-year history. Originally a Thracian city, Plovdiv was named Philippopolis after having been conquered by Philip II of Macedon—father of Alexander the Great.
One of my favorite areas of the city is Old Plovdiv—a town within a town—followed by the 2nd-century Roman theatre, which crowns the city.
Other jewels that have recently graced the modern-day city of Plovdiv at Men’s Fashion Week Bulgaria were menswear designers Juliet Polejanska of Julidan, Evgeni Petkov of Eugenio, and Moni Petrov.

Photo center top Old Plovdiv by Nikola Gruev GNU Free Documentation license at Wikipedia.
Photo center bottom Roman Theater by CdaMVvWgS, GNU Free Documentation License at Wikipedia.

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