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Raf Simons Snake T-Shirt

I’m sure that many of us have heard the song before: “She said, ‘I don't like spiders and snakes…’”

But here is a snake that we are going to love—the Raf Simons Snake T-Shirt.
Instead of snakeskin, the tee is made of ultra-light translucent materials. The item is from the Raf Simons 2016 spring/summer collection and available at Oki-Ni.
Born in 1968, Raf Simons is a Belgian designer who, after studying Industrial Design, began designing menswear clothing in 1995.
Influenced by youth culture, Raf Simons elegantly captures the male body as if progressing from a young boy to a mature man.

Photo Courtesy and Copyright Oki-Ni.

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