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Toledo—the City of Three Cultures

Yesterday I posted an article on a Spanish label entitled “Spinning Destiny” by Ana Locking.

Today I would like to introduce you to the world of the label’s founder and designer, Ana González, who was born in Toledo, Spain.

The first time I ever travelled to Spain was in 2004, at which time I visited Madrid and the surrounding cities of the nation’s capital with my father.

We spent a day in Toledo—capital of the autonomous region Castile-La Mancha—which is about 70 km from Madrid.

Toledo dates back to ancient times. The Romans called the fortified city Toletum (192BC-570AD), which passed to the Visigoths (570-711) as the capital of Spain and, then, on to the Moors (711-1085).

During the Moorish rule, Christians and Muslims coexisted, while a Jewish population sprouted into a flourishing community. In 1085, however, Toledo was conquered by King Alfonso IV, becoming part of the King of Castille.

Hence, Toledo has been the birthplace or home to many famous people and artists, including Spanish Renaissance artist El Greco and world-renown astronomer Al-Zarqali.

In 1986, Toledo was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site for its cultural significance and heritage, as well as a location in which Moorish, Christian, and Jewish cultures coexisted for centuries.

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